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Green Glue - Box of 12 Tubes of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound



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Green Glue - Case of 12 Tubes of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound (12 tubes of 828ml)

A case of Green Glue contains 12 tubes (28 oz per tube) to cover an area equivalent to eight 4' x 8' sheets of drywall at a rate of 2 tubes per sheet.  You will gain an additional 20% improvement by applying 3 tubes of Green Glue per 4' x 8' sheet.

A revolution in soundproofing !

Need to improve the noise-insulating properties of a wall, floor or ceiling? It couldn’t be easier or more effective, with Green Glue®.
Green Glue is a viscoelastic compound that attenuates vibration at partitions produced by soundwaves. Green Glue is supplied in
the form of a paste, which spreads in between two plaster boards, OSB, concrete masonry, etc, by itself.

How does Green Glue® work ?

The spread of sound within partitions :

When we create a noise inside a room, the air begins to vibrate. The sound energy spreads throughout the room in the form
of waves, and bumps up against the walls. The acoustic pressure distorts the wall in a movement resembling the shape of
the soundwave. Needless to say, the movement is invisible, but nonetheless it is there, it is active, and is maintained by the
source of the sound.
Just as a car’s shock-absorbers attenuate the oscillating movement of its suspension, Green Glue attenuates the spread of
vibration in the wall. Rapidly-attenuated vibration energy cannot be transmitted to other walls, and insulation is enhanced.
Thanks to the attenuating effect of Green Glue, the duration of vibrations is greatly reduced, and the panel does not have
sufficient time for a reverberation to develop.

Green Glue is a revolutionary sound proofing material which is proving very popular amongst noise control professionals and builders. It works well as part of any standard stud wall and can be added to existing walls, floors and ceilings without needing to remove existing materials.

When sandwiched between 2 sheets of plasterboard the noise reduction through a wall is improved dramatically. It works by damping vibration which enters the wall, reducing the amount of energy which gets through to the other side. It can also be used with MDF, plywood, OSB etc.

In terms of price, performance and ease of installation, Green Glue is totally unique.