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24-Input 4-Subgroup Mixer with DFX & FireWire Interface.
The Helix Board 24 Firewire MKII is the newest addition to Phonic's popular HelixBoard series of FireWire-enabled mixers. It features a 96 KHz FireWire interface that lets you individually stream up to 18 independent channels of audio to the computer and return two channels to the mixer for monitoring - all with zero latency. Pre/post buttons, located underneath the console, allow each channel's EQ and fader (among other controls) to affect the channel's outgoing FireWire signal, allowing more versatile use. Digital S/PDIF output is also provided for direct connection to recording devices like DAT decks. The 3-band EQ with swept mids, insert points for connection to external processors, 6 Aux send mixing bus (2 Aux sends with pre/post buttons), and direct outputs for multi-track recording allow users incredible flexibility with mix control and signal routing. Mono channels have an AUX 5/6 shift button, expanding the number of outputs available. But that's not all. The mixer features a dual-position input/output (I/O) pod that lets you use it as a desktop mixer or convert for rack mounting. The I/O pod rotates out of the way to save space in your rack. The built-in 32/40-bit digital effect processor has 100 popular programs, tap-delay, test tones (pink noise, 1kHz, etc), and footswitch jacks. Low cut filters eliminate P-pops, stage rumble and wind noise. Top it off with a subwoofer output, four true subgroups and individual phantom power switches on every channel, and you've got a perfect medium-sized rack-mountable mixer for live events or studio recording. Steinberg's Cubase LE digital audio workstation software also included.

* 96kHz FireWire interface for streaming 18 independent channels of audio to computer with zero latency, 2 channels of monitoring from computer
* FireWire Pre/post setting for swapping streaming input channels to computer from pre low cut, EQ to post EQ, post fader
* 16 extremely low noise microphone preamps
* 100+Tap 32/40-bit high-definition digital multi-effects
* S/PDIF digital audio output
* Steinberg Cubase LE included
* Mac and PC compatible