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The Manley TNT (Tubes -- No Tubes) is a new 2-channel mic pre with two different mic preamps in one box for two different colors. By popular demand, one channel is the same micpre as in the Manley SLAM! with tubes and transformers. The second preamp is a new and unique "No Tubes" design inspired by old British console preamps with a tasty combination of "No Tubes" design with transformers. This one is not a clone of anything preexisting. It is a new flavor but reminiscent of that classic discrete sound.


  • Phantom power is soft-switched and shunt regulated for lowest noise
  • Phase switch
  • HP filters
  • LED overload and level indicators
  • Instrument inputs
  • Six low noise shunt regulators, and fiv e standard regulators in the solid-state side
  • When High-pass filter is bypassed, the preamp is designed to have almost DC response (.01Hz) at all gain settings.
  • LED meter indicates first and second stage clipping
  • Output is capable of greater than +30 dBu (70 volts peak to peak into 50 ohms from the solid-state side
  • Both the current mode and voltage mode preamps sport EIN numbers of 130dB, very close to the theoretical minimum noise possible

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