DANGEROUS MUSIC - BAX EQ - Stereo Mastering and Mix Bus Shelving Equalizer with Stepped Controls

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DANGEROUS MUSIC BAX EQ - The Mastering, Mix Buss & tracking equalizer

The Dangerous BAX EQ was created in response to the professional recording community’s demand for unique sonic signatures. Harnessing the Dangerous development team’s decades of design expertise while borrowing seeds of inspiration from Peter Baxandall’s legendary 1950’s tone control that has graced hundreds of millions of hi-fi systems, the result is a timeless equalizer with a 21st century mastering aesthetic. The BAX EQ’s dedicated shelving design carves broad, open curves and gentle sloping cuts that are essential for recording, mixing and mastering. The result is pure emotive expression with audiophile accuracy. Please welcome the BAX EQ to your tools for success – no radical sonic signature to overshadow the music… just your music: neater, richer, sweeter.

8 frequency selections are available for both the high and low bands, with individual stepped cut/boost controls for each channel. The broad Q shelving curves allow the low band to reach up into the midrange and the high band to reach down; when coupled with the 7-position high and low pass filters, dramatic, musical equalization curves can be achieved. For example, boost 74 Hz while cutting 54 Hz, and a perfect 60 Hz bump for kick or bass is crafted.

The high and low pass filters should also be harnessed for eliminating unwanted information outside of the audio band. For example, infrasonic rumble or undesirable low frequency energy from air conditioning units, jet planes, and subway trains consumes recording headroom, thereby limiting dynamic range. This energy also falsely triggers compressor/limiters, smashing holes in the actual content. Removing it radically increases low-end clarity and punch while allowing higher maximum playback levels.

The minimized phase delay design provides broad tonal control that will not alter the intrinsic sonic character of the source: instrument, recording path, stereo buss or final mix. For example, in tracking applications, add shimmer to a vocal without disturbing the character of the artist, microphone and preamp. On the stereo buss, tighten up the low end while accentuating the air. For mastering, craft sheen and punch without sacrificing phase accuracy.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ Features:

  • Inspired by the Classic P. J. Baxandall Shelving Curves
  • Stepped controls throughout for repeatability and identical stereo operation
  • Broad Q Shelving
  • 7-position High Pass and Low Pass Filters — 2-pole Butterworth configuration (12 dB/oct)
  • 8-position High and Low Frequency Select
  • +/- 5dB Cut and Boost controls in 1/2dB steps

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