Pay with the Culture Pass - The best way to enjoy music!
We are delighted to announce that we now accept payment through the Culture Pass at our megastore in Toulouse/Pinsaguel, an exceptional initiative supported by the French government to encourage access to culture and creativity. This exclusive payment method is available in our physical store and allows you to explore our wide selection of high-quality musical instruments and audio equipment.
What is the Culture Pass?
The Culture Pass is an allowance provided by the government to 18-year-old individuals residing in France. It is a €300 credit, usable over a period of two years, to discover and participate in various cultural activities. With the Culture Pass, you have the opportunity to explore the world of music by making purchases in our physical store.
How does it work?
It's simple! If you are eligible for the Culture Pass, you can come to our store and use your credit to buy musical instruments, audio equipment, or any other music-related product that we offer, which is within the conditions of the Culture Pass application.
To use your Culture Pass with us, follow these easy steps:
• Visit our physical store with your Culture Pass.
• Choose from our wide selection of musical instruments, audio equipment, and accessories.
• Present your Culture Pass to our checkout team.
• We will verify the validity of your Culture Pass and guide you through the purchasing process.
• Enjoy your new instrument or audio equipment and explore the world of music!
Why choose the Culture Pass with us?
By accepting the Culture Pass, we aim to support young music enthusiasts and facilitate their access to quality instruments. Here are some advantages you can expect when using the Culture Pass in our store:
Wide selection
We offer a wide range of musical instruments, audio equipment, and accessories to meet all needs and budgets.
Professional expertise
Our team consists of experienced music enthusiasts, ready to advise and guide you in your choices.
Workshops and events
By using your Culture Pass, you have the opportunity to participate in musical workshops and cultural events that we regularly organize.
Guaranteed quality
We make no compromises on quality. All our products are carefully selected from the best brands in the market.

Keep in mind that the Culture Pass can only be used in our physical store. It is not available for online purchases. Visit us now to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

For more information about the Culture Pass and how it works, visit the official Culture Pass website at or contact our store team. We are here to answer all your questions and help you make the most of your Culture Pass.

We are excited to welcome you to our music store and be part of your musical journey. With the Culture Pass, you have the opportunity to discover new musical horizons and develop your passion for music. Visit us today and get inspired and creative!

Important note: Please note that the terms of use of the Culture Pass are defined by the French government. Make sure to check the rules and limitations applicable to the use of your Culture Pass before using it in our store.
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